Signs of a Bad Moving Company

Do you know how many times the average person living in the United States moves in their lifetime?
More than 11 times!
Surprising, right? (We didn’t know Americans change their houses so often)
Do you know what this means?
You will have to go through the whole packing and unpacking hassle at least 11 times!
In view of the statistics, it is likely that you will need help in the process and will go for hiring a moving
company. However, be careful when hiring a moving company because due to the high demand and
business prospects, a large number of moving companies have emerged, and not everyone is a
professional. A lot of people become victims of bad moving companies and fall prey to false
If you do not want to fall into the trap such companies have laid out for you, take a look at the following
signs that hint towards a bad moving company:
1. Very Low Price
The most common sign that you are going to fall prey to a moving scam is a very low price. The rule of
thumb is to never opt for a company that offers a deal that is too good to be true. It is just a trick that is
used to gain customers.
2. No Prior Inspection
A company that provides you with a rate without inspecting your house and determining the amount
and weight of your belongings, is another warning sign that you will end up paying more than you are
told. This is because moving cost depends on a variety of factors, and the amount and weight of the
items that need to be moved, is one of them. Without inspection, a company cannot tell you the
accurate amount.
3. No Paperwork
Never rely on verbal agreements and deals. A moving company that does not sign a written contract is
highly likely to step back and not deliver what was promised to you.
4. Higher Down Payments
Another moving scam sign is the demand for a down payment higher than about 20% of the total cost. If
a company is asking you to pay a higher percentage or full amount in advance, move away.
5. Demands for Cash Payment
If a company tells you that they only accept cash payments, this means they are frauds and should not
be trusted. Reputable and good moving companies always provide their customers with multiple
payment options.
6. No Logo on Their Vehicles and/or No Uniforms
A reliable and professional moving company always ensures that their staff members wear uniforms and
their vehicles have the company’s logo and also the contact details. If a company’s staff is not wearing
the uniform and/or their trucks do not have any logo, it is highly likely that they are unprofessional and
not registered.
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