Inventory form House Hold Good Movers

The Household Goods Inventory form which allows the moving company to document the articles which are being moved and the condition of each article when the moving company takes the shipment into its care and custody.

The moving company driver creates this inventory when he arrives at the origin residence to load the shipment and he or she does so by using a “The Household Goods Descriptive Inventory” form. To create the inventory the driver places a color coded sticker with a number on each article that is loaded onto the moving truck at origin. Each article’s inventory number is then entered on the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory form and the article is described in the form’s “Item Description” column. An example description may be “Dining Room Chair”).

Next to the article description the condition of the article is entered in code (the codes are listed at the top of each inventory page). For example, the code “CH, 2, 5, 6” would indicate that the “dining room chair” is chipped on the bottom left leg. In this manner all of the articles which comprise the customer’s household goods shipment are described on the “Household Goods Descriptive Inventory” form.

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