A Guide to a long distance move is crucial especially when moving out of state.

The decision to uproot your entire life and move to a new city or state is a difficult one and drastically different from moving to a new neighborhood in the other side of the town. You not only have to deal with the mix of emotions you are experiencing, but also have to prepare yourself for the challenges of the new place. As if this is not enough stress, you also have to plan and organize the move – pack all your belongings, hire a truck, get insurance, inform everyone and then unpack at the new house.

To prevent your long distance moving from becoming a disaster, here are some guidelines to get organized:

·        Declutter

If you look around you house, you will see a large number of things that you don’t actually need. From furniture and electronic equipment to electrical appliances, clothes and numerous other items of everyday use, our homes are filled with innumerable items. Human beings just cannot live without accumulating possessions – some of them are necessities whereas others are luxuries.

While there is nothing wrong in buying all such stuff, we need to understand that not all of our possessions can stay with us forever. You have to de-clutter, especially when you are moving to a new house miles away. De-cluttering will help you in several ways during the long distance moving, such as:

  • The weight of your belongings is one of the major determining factors of the transportation cost and less stuff means fewer moving costs.
  • You can also make money by selling the things that you no longer need. Run a garage sale or sell your stuff online and make money.
  • While de-cluttering may take you a lot of time, it will save you from the time and effort that goes into packing and unpacking – less stuff, less work.

·        Do Not Rush

There is no denying the fact that packing is a tedious task and people want to get done with it as quickly as possible. However, if you want to save yourself from trouble later on, do not rush at this stage. Get organized and take your time to pack all your belongings properly. Also, label each box so that you know what’s in what box and which room each box belongs to.

·        Pack Your Stuff for the Long Haul

Long distance moving means your household items will be riding miles in the moving truck and they may turn upside down or on their sides during this time. To prevent any damage, make sure to use high-quality boxes. Also, ensure that all your items are well-cushioned, especially fragile ones, and each box is properly sealed. Use bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

·        Get Your Possessions Covered

Accidents may happen during long distance moving causing damage or loss of your belongings. This is why it is recommended you contact an insurance company and get your things covered and insured. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a good moving company, such as U.S. Movers and Relocation, is that your move is insured. However, do inquire about the insurance policy of a moving company while hiring because not all companies provide full coverage.

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