Business Relocation – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Relocation is often associated with chaos and disruption. It not only disrupts your everyday routine, but also requires planning, organization skills and backbreaking work. While moving from one house to another is stressful, business relocation is even worse. Not only is there a lot more stuff to pack, but the potential threat of losing your productivity and/or customers also exists. Let’s not forget about the consequences of losing important documents during the move – a very likely possibility. All these factors greatly increase the relocation stress.

To help make a smooth transition to your new workplace, here are few simple yet important tips:

1. Be Careful In Packing Office Equipment

One of the most important and difficult tasks in company relocation is to pack all office equipment the right way.

You cannot just stack computers, fax or photocopy machines and other machinery in boxes and load them on to a moving truck. They need to be packed in a certain way to prevent any damage or problems. For example, you cannot put all the computer cables together in one box or you will spend a whole week just figuring out which cable belongs to which computer. The right way to pack them is to

put the cables of each computer in a zip-lock bag and label it so that you know which computer they belong to. Similarly, each monitor needs to be packed in bubble wrap or moving blanket and taped. However, the tape should not come into contact with the monitor’s screen and you should not stack them together in a box.

Furthermore, you should also backup all the data in your computers before moving them, so your business won’t suffer in case you lose data stored in them.

There are many moving companies that can help you with packing as well. Find a reliable one if you do not wish to do this alone.

2. Get Insurance

Whether you are moving the business on your own, or hiring a business relocation company, always opt for insurance coverage to protect your office equipment.

3. Notify Everyone

You cannot just put up a notice on your office window saying, ‘we have moved’ and mention your new address to notify people about your company relocation. You need to notify everyone – from vendors and customers to insurance company, tax department and any other government institution you are registered with.

To make sure your customers know about the move, update the information on your website and social media accounts. Send emails to all your vendors and clients to notify them about the move.

4. Never Schedule Meetings When You Are Relocating

A messy and chaotic office puts off potential customers and this is exactly how your office is going to be during the move. To prevent losing any customers, do not schedule any meetings during this time.

5. Do Not Move On Weekdays

You surely do not want to disrupt your company’s operations due to the move. To prevent any trouble, try to move over the weekend. For any help in business relocation, contact the U.S. Movers and Relocation. We are a full-service moving company and provide door to door loading and unloading. Visit to learn about our services and operational areas.

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